Welcome to Woodborough Park Farm

The farm stretches to just under 600 acres, situated about 7 miles North of central Nottingham and 2 miles from the urban fringe. It is a family run farm predominantly growing arable crops such as wheat and oilseed rape. The farm occupies much of the Woodborough valley that nestles between Woodborough to the East, Calverton to the North and Dorket Head to the West.

Since moving here in 2004 we have embraced Environmental Stewardship enthusiastically, with great effort being put into planting new hedges, gapping up old ones, and planting over 7000 trees. In 2014 we entered into a new 10-year Environmental Stewardship Scheme which allowed us to access some grant funding to improve Fox Wood (see separate page), a Scheduled Monument of local importance.

In 2011 we were granted planning permission to erect a new 330kW wind turbine, which would not only meet our own fairly small electrical needs on the farm, but more importantly allow us to export electricity onto the National Grid.  Unfortunately we then became embroiled with a small group of local objectors that forced the issue to the High Court and finally the Appeal Court, which ultimately ruled in our (Gedling Borough Council’s) favour.  Thankfully any meaningful objection dwindled as soon as the turbine was erected, with the majority of local people not only acknowledging the undeniable need for renewable energy generation, but also that a single medium-sized wind turbine made very little impact on the local landscape.  Further renewable energy generation was added in 2015 when the grain-store roof was covered with photovoltaic panels.  Within the context of Brexit, income derived from on-farm electricity generation will be critical in the context of the long-term viability of the farm now that long-standing agricultural support from the EU is being withdrawn.

We hope you enjoy our (very!) occasional blog, and if you have any questions or comments to make, please feel free to contact us.